Please support this great event and the nonprofit charitable organization that it helps fund.

Texas Sounds is a fundraising activity for East Texas Performing Arts, Inc. a charitable 501c3 nonprofit organization.
Every dollar raised goes to support the performing arts in East Texas.

No need to feel your affordable donation is too small. Even a few dollars is helpful. Texas Sounds has over 3400 Facebook Likes. If all who Like our page donated just ONE DOLLAR we could:

  • Give 20 acting class scholarships to a needy child or youth
  • Sponsor 40 rest home concerts
  • Produce two additional community theatre stage plays

And all that from donations of just ONE DOLLAR! Imagine what good can be done if everyone is able to donate $20 or more!

There are many ways you can team up with Texas Sounds.
We accept simple donations and:

  • Art Lovers’ memberships
  • Artist/Musician memberships
  • Artist/Musician promotional campaigns
  • Professional online marketing opportunities