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Support Texas Sounds

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, and we wish ALL of you the best, most joyous, most fulfiling holiday season possible.
Although it is near the end of the year, this is the beginning of something exciting for East Texas Performing Arts and Texas Sounds International CMA. https://www.zeffy.com/…/b5f53780-d20d-4223-9bb7…
All who have participated in our events know a bit about what we do, how much we have grown, what MORE we wish to do for emerging artists around the world, and our charitable efforts for young musicians here in Marshall, Texas.
Now, you can contribute to our mission. We have set a fundraising goal of $10, 000 in direct contributions for 2024. We ask you to participate. Even a small, one-time donation will help us toward our goal and be sincerely appreciated, but please consider a monthly pledge so that your influence continues to grow througout the year.
PLEASE NOTE: Zeffy, the free donation platform we use, will automatically suggest an additional donation that goes to them to cover their business costs. They do not make it obvious that this is an OPTIONAL donation, not a service charge. You can change that additional amount to $00.00 or any amount you wish.
We have BIG goals to help many more people. Thank you for boosting us along the way.