2018 Texas Sounds dates – November 2, 3, & 4
Friday through Sunday, 2018
Musicians come from around the world to Jefferson, Texas!
2018 Lineup!

Marty Haggard in concert, “My Dad” a tribute to his father Merle Haggard, Friday, November 2.


One ticket for the entire evening, including five featured international acts and Marty Haggard!

2018 Texas Sounds Admissions

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, starting at 5 PM:

  • HunTer – Special Guest Star and 2018 Event Judge
    2017 Texas Sounds Female Vocalist of the Year from South Africa
  • Ilya Portnov – Special Guest Star and 2018 Event Judge
    International Diatonic Harmonica Master, New England Conservatory, Boston, MA, born in Russia
  • Vane Ruth – Enshrined in the Western Swing Society Hall of Fame in Sacramento, California, 2016, from Argentina
  • Max Tyler – An amazingly beautiful, traditional country voice! Max returns to Texas Sounds with a second consecutive nomination. From Spain
  • Sentiment Falls – the 2017 Texas Sounds Entertainers of the Year returning to defend their title, from Sweden
  • Marty Haggard (Merle Haggard’s eldest son) performing his “My Dad” concert as part of this amazing 2018 Texas Sounds!



  • Groovecake Factory – multi-award winning group of classically trained musicians, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria
  • Sarah Lucy Dole – singer songwriter and two-time Texas Sounds award winner from the UK
  • Lico (Luis) Ochoa – outstanding ,authentic, country singer, songwriter, and performer from Mexico
  • Bound by Law – the most exciting phenom on the Scandinavian music scene from Denmark
  • The Wild Horses – from Spain. National Radio Network RNE/Radio 3, Best Spanish Americana Band. Very exciting performers.



  • Alamo Country Band – a most impressive and completely professional country band from Mexico
  • Mark Carlisle Harrell – outstanding pianist and singer originally from right here in East Texas, now living in Winnipeg, Canada
  • Ilya Portnov – Special Guest Star and 2018 Texas Sounds judge, from Russia
  • Rúnar Eff Rúnarsson – 2017 Texas Sounds Male Vocalist of the Year and Band of the Year, exciting, powerful, a great performer from Iceland
  • Laura Denisse – dynamic and highly popular Country/Norteño phenom that is overtaking the U.S and Latin America, from Mexico



SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4, starting at 1 PM

  • VIP Champagne Reception with the international artists



SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4, starting at 2 PM

  • Award Ceremonies
  • Special Guest Star Performances
  • Encore performances by major award winners!

Schedule subject to change in case of circumstances beyond our control.

This event brings participants from around the world and audience members from across the nation to Jefferson. Income from this influx of people is an integral part of the economy that keeps Jefferson alive. Jefferson is the only surviving city in one of the poorest counties in Texas, a small town of only 1800 residents that depends largely upon tourism as its primary industry. The worldwide publicity that this event generates is a major boost to the future of tourism in Jefferson.

International musicians flock to Jefferson in the hopes of winning a Texas Sounds Award. A Texas Sounds award exerts a substantial positive influence on each musician’s career. Texas Sounds attracts the best country artists from every nation.

Texas Sounds is produced by, and is the major fundraising event for, East Texas Performing Arts, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Proceeds from the event, sponsorships, ticket sales, and merchandise/refreshment sales go directly to support ETPA.