This is an open invitation to you and all your friends and club members.

This is your official invitation to participate in the 2019 Texas Sounds International Line Dance Festival and Awards .

We include a large amount of information so that you can easily decide to participate.

Registration/participation is free. Participants are responsible for all their own expenses. Your members may participate as individuals, a duo, a small group, or your entire club.

Let’s begin by telling about Texas Sounds. 2019 will be the sixth annual Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards as a competitive event where Country musicians vie for awards. For 2019 we are inaugurating Texas Sounds International Line Dance Festival as part of the same event. Texas Sounds is four consecutive evenings of competitive performances, October 17, 18, 19, and 20. We hope that all our performers can arrive at least one day early, October 16, for a welcome party and be present for the entire five days. Awards presentation and special music by award winners is Sunday, October 20.

Award winners find that a Texas Sounds award is a major accomplishment that greatly enhances their reputation and career. 2019 will be our sixth annual event. During that span, we have moved three times into progressively larger facilities. In 2017 we moved into a 6000 sq. ft open, circus-style tent pavilion, where we continue to hold the event.

We are expecting participants from at least 15 nations.

We do not pay participants. However, we do offer several hospitality and promotional benefits that we hope will elicit your interest. You will be dancing specifically for the possibility of winning a Texas Sounds Award (and for fun!). You are responsible for all your travel and personal expenses. That which we do offer is precious.

          • This is an opportunity for you to enjoy a truly quaint western town and Southern hospitality, perform for a loving audience, and benefit a charitable nonprofit organization while greatly enhancing this unique event

          • All preregistered participants are invited to a welcome party Wednesday evening, October 16, for food, beverages, introductions to all our international musicians and dancers, and lots of music

          • All preregistered participants are invited to share free evening meals, served buffet-style at our venue each evening of the event (Sunday is a mid-day light lunch and champagne reception). These meals are individually catered by local, authentically Texan, restaurants. Each evening is a different meal, Texas BBQ, Mex-Tex, Smoked meats, or Southern fried specialties

          • We promote our event by promoting our participants. I am an online marketing professional. I devote my expertise to promoting every Texas Sounds performer. Promotional efforts extend all year. If you are a choreographer, instructor, or member of a competitive dance club, and happen to win a Texas Sounds award, your reputation will be greatly enhanced.

Many of our participants have experienced huge career growth after performing in Texas Sounds. Karen Lee Batten’s country album hit #1 in sales in Canada. Country Strike, from Croatia, signed a record deal upon returning from Texas Sounds. InBlauk returned to Spain and launched a multi-nation European tour. Several 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 participants are already experiencing the promotional advantages gleaned from their participation in Texas Sounds.

We help our participants succeed! If you are a professional dancer and/or choreographer, you can expect the same effect for your own reputation.

You will be part of a great event. Texas Sounds Music Award nominees are selected solely upon what we see and hear online. Performers’ reputations and accomplishments are not a big factor in selection. Even so, we have hosted musicians who hold gold and platinum records, some who have sold over three million records, and many who have #1 songs in their own nation. One act coming in 2019 has over 50 million YouTube views of their songs.

We are unusual in that award winners are decided by an independent panel of judges, based exclusively upon the competitive performances during the event. For both the music awards and line dance awards, this is not a popularity contest. It is a test of skill, talent, and performance ability.

Please REGISTER your intention to participate. Upon receipt, I will respond and begin immediately to publicize your participation to our international online audience.

Please see below more important details about the event and some tips for planning your stay in Jefferson, Texas.

Preston Taylor, Vice President
East Texas Performing Arts, Inc. a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization
producers of
Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards and Texas Sounds International Line Dance Festival

About the producers:
East Texas Performing Arts, Inc. (ETPA)
a U.S. 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization, established 2013 in Jefferson, Texas
Texas Sounds is produced by, and is the major fundraising event for, East Texas Performing Arts. Proceeds from the event, registration fee, sponsorships, ticket sales, and merchandise/refreshment sales go directly to support ETPA.

Our Mission:
East Texas Performing Arts, Inc. is dedicated to developing community appreciation for, and participation in, drama and musical arts in East Texas. Special emphasis is on personal growth, especially for children, youth, and adults who have special needs, including financial, emotional, mental, and educational limitations. ETPA provides training and positive reinforcement in public speaking, movement, acting, and stage crafts, free of charge, to persons of all ages and abilities. ETPA sponsors amateur and professional presentations such as plays, musicals, concerts, and festivals, and provides performing arts education opportunities to the general public.

In all activities, ETPA’s goal and expectation is to elicit a professional level performance from each and every participant. Success begins with recognizing one’s strengths. No personal limitation is insurmountable.

Important facts about our event:
I must reiterate; we do not pay participants. This is a nonpaying gig. You are donating your performance to the East Texas Performing Arts nonprofit organization. You are responsible for all your expenses.

Please register your acceptance as soon as possible. Since this is an inaugural event, we have no way to predict how many individuals will accept this invitation. We may have to limit the number of participants.

This is the sixth year for Texas Sounds. You should not expect to be playing for huge crowds, in fact, our audiences are quite small. Our audience is small, but our reputation is known worldwide.

You will be competing for Line Dance awards/titles and you will have a chance to win one or more awards (we award in numerous categories).

Previous Texas Sounds award winners have expressed their delight at how greatly this award has benefited their careers. And, in coming years, any Texas Sounds award will mean a great deal more as our reputation continues to grow.

You will meet and have an opportunity to meet and perform with dozens of international musicians and dancers. The relationships that are established here at Texas Sounds can prove to be lifelong connections with your musical and dance peers worldwide.

Please register as soon as possible. As soon as you register, we will begin promoting your name, or your group name as one of our participants.

This message is from our 2015-16 award winners, Heidi Gabrielle and Fox Gino (Belgium and Netherlands):

We have been working really hard at our music and acts etc… This is going be our year… The gigs are coming real fast now… Thanks to the award… Yes, believe it or not, but now we’re harvesting the fruits of the award… We are very happy with that… So, thanks again…

Perhaps the most impressive thing we can say about Texas Sounds is that our major award winners want to return for a second, and often a third, year.

About Jefferson, Texas:
Jefferson is a taste of the true American West – History is alive and well here.

From Jefferson you can drive in one day to Austin, New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis, Dallas, or Chicago (albeit, it is a very long day’s drive to Chicago, 13 hours). With a bit of advance planning, you may arrange paying gigs for a professional tour here in the States.

Southern American hospitality is warm and friendly, no pretense, no worries, instant lifelong friendships.

Each evening is a different meal, Texas BBQ, Mex-Tex, Smoked meats, or Southern fried specialties.

Jefferson, Texas is a very small town that relies on tourism as our only industry. Our little community is a destination for many travelers, and we are blessed with more than 30 quaint/luxury/historic bed and breakfast businesses as well as modern and historic hotels. Some offer special discounts to our international guests. October is a busy time in Jefferson. Rooms will fill early. Please make reservations as early as possible to avoid having to stay in a neighboring town (online list of local lodging establishments).

We hope you will stay in Jefferson for at least the entire five days of Texas Sounds. We have special events planned for both Wednesday and Sunday as well as performances through all four days.

Thank you. I hope to hear from you soon and that we will see you October 16, 2019!

Texas Sounds is supported by:
          • Boot Barn, official worldwide source for western clothing, boots and hats. Order online, or visit a local store while you are at Texas Sounds.
          • Rosewood Studios, world-class recording studio in Tyler, Texas (just a one-hour drive from our venue), Producing true Texas sounds for music professionals for over 40 years!
          • White Oak Manor Bed & Breakfast, Jefferson’s premiere lodging establishment,
          • and numerous local businesses and organizations.

Thank you again for your response. We look forward to meeting you in October.