2020 Texas Sounds
Thursday thru Sunday
October 15, 16, 17, & 18

2020 Lineup at the current time (watch as we add new stars and celebrities!):

Country Strike – Croatia
KRISTINA (Kristina Skoubo Bærendsen) – Faroe Islands
Peter Donegan – UK
Country Sisters – Czech Republic
Payton Pierce – U.S.A.
Anna McRose – Netherlands
Windshield – Georgia
The Purple Hulls – U.S.A.
El Capitan Elvis (Elvis Otieno) – Kenya
Hilljacks – Norway
Zappe Country Band – Mexico
Cleopatra Methula – Eswatini
Florian C. Roth – Switzerland
Antoinette and the Blue Bonnets – Netherlands
Max Tyler – Spain
A Nyughatatlan (The Restless) – Hungary
Evi Tausen – Faroe Islands
Regan Tucker – New Zealand
Axel O. – Iceland
Bootlegs – Norway
Elke Brooks – Germany

This event brings participants from around the world and audience members from across the nation to Jefferson. Income from this influx of people is an integral part of the economy that keeps Jefferson alive. Jefferson is the only surviving city in one of the poorest counties in Texas, a small town of only 1800 residents that depends largely upon tourism as its primary industry. The worldwide publicity that this event generates is a major boost to the future of tourism in Jefferson.

International musicians flock to Jefferson in the hopes of winning a Texas Sounds Award. A Texas Sounds award exerts a substantial positive influence on each musician’s career. Texas Sounds attracts the best country artists from every nation.

Texas Sounds is produced by, and is the major fundraising event for, East Texas Performing Arts, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Proceeds from the event, sponsorships, ticket sales, and merchandise/refreshment sales go directly to support ETPA.