Texas Sounds International  Country Music Awards
Texas Sounds Sampler – Demo

Texas Sounds Sampler – Demo

Concept demo for a Texas Sounds radio show. (listening time: 28:38)

We encourage you to put on a set of good earphones, lean back, and enjoy this entire demo.

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Want more? Here is the Narrative Script & links to videos for songs used in thes demo:

This is Texas Sounds International, the Country Music show featuring the Texas Country Music style that the whole world has embraced! Listen to OUR music performed by artists from around the globe.

https://youtu.be/E__wLSElvQc 4:00
That was Country Strike, from Croatia, with MAMA DIDN’T RAISE NO FOOL.

Next up is Denise Carstens from South Africa, HONKY TONK NIGHTS!
https://youtu.be/i6Kz2i9s0I8 3:17

Our closest international neighbor, Mexico, is heavily influenced by our music. Here’s Chihuahua Mexico’s Alamo Country Band, with MADE IN MEXICO!
https://youtu.be/bDlMOoPa3WM 3:18

International artists you hear on this show have performed in the Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards in Jefferson, Texas! Our country music brings the entire world Texas!

This next young lady is famous throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe.
Kristina Baerendsen is from the Faroe Islands in the North Sea! Special IQ points to any listener who can pinpoint the Faroe Islands on a map. This is STRONGER MAKERS MARK
https://youtu.be/OpiPqBd5XcI 4:18

Sometimes, when a true artist covers a great song, it becomes great new music in its own right. We present Runar Eff, from Iceland performing, Michael Jackson’s BILLIE JEAN!
https://youtu.be/DE90TS_nk6Q 4:17

Karen Lee Batten has been awarded British Columbia’s CMA Female Vocalist of the year 7 times! This is her wild ride, CAUSE A SCENE!
https://youtu.be/M23Ahg1zcgc 3:29

Now, let’s go way down south, to New Zealand, with Che Orton doing DON’T ROCK THAT HONKY TONK.
https://youtu.be/eOV6MdPvws0 2:57

Our friend, Peter Donegan, inherits an amazing musical legacy. His father, Lonnie Donegan, had huge hits in the UK and here in the U.S. Peter has been on The Voice-UK and has performed with too many greats to name here. He wraps it up with his original that won Song of the Year at the 2020 Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards, THANK YOU TEXAS! https://youtu.be/cFL4AiXJlFY 3:58